Tuesday, 25 June 2013

my hair journey

i was born with naturally super straight with black color hair.
when i was a child everyone always praised how smooth and straight my hair. honestly i am the only one inherited my mom hair, and i am so proud of it. my father have really curly hair, that's why my big brother and sister have curly hair too. the only one thing  i inherited from my father is his beautiful round-black eyes. ok now back to topic. since i was born until i am in the junior high school my hair style had been determined by my mom. i just know i fallowed her once every 2 month to hair saloon to tidy up my hair. that's the reason why i stayed have straight haircut with blunt bang.

when i am in the senior high school i started to change my hairstyle. i started pick which hairstyle i want. so this the beginning of my hair journey.

i had tried some different hairstyle. i had Dora's hairstyle

medium layered with side bang
long layered with side bang
and other hairstyle that i was forgot that i had tried that style *LOL
finally when I'm in third year collage (around 2011) i feel bored with my hair, i need something new, something that can make me look different, so i decided to color my hair.i go to hair saloon with my friend, and consulted with hairstylist which color suit me best. the hairstylist recommend me to pick brownish color because it's suit my asian face character, she also pick some hair color for me, from natural dark until bright color. since i have fair-yellow skin and i want to try something made me different so i choose the light one. i choose light brown color.

this how i was before colored my hair see i have straight-black hair.

 anddddddddd *drumroll* it's me with my brown hair

 see the bright hair color also brighten up my skin color. some of my friend told that i look like living doll with that hair color. i think i event look younger with that color.
but i didn't keep that bright color for long time, because i am to lazy to always re color my hair when the root grow  *slapped * and the other reason are my mom very angry when she know i colored my hair to light (my mom are huge fan of my black straight hair, maybe it's because she have brown hair) she event say that i look like bad girl and she also said she will bald me if i try to color my hair again :( i never see my mom that's scared before)
so before i have flag hair because it's have two different color and before i got stressed listen my mom always blame me when she see my hair i decide to recolor my hair (mid 2013). i choose to color my hair with blue black color.
anddd this how my hair now back to my natural color

so what do you think girl? which one look better for me? light hair or dark hair?

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