Saturday, 22 June 2013

My June Haul

hai girls!!
after having really hectic month with full of collage thing now i'm backkkkkkkkk!! and now i have a bunch thing to share with you girlsss hahahaha

so it's have been june, and you know what?? June is my month yeyyyyyyy
For the first posting in my month
i wanna post my mini haul. i called it mini because i don't haul many thing (actually i never haul more than 5 thing in a month, wkwkwk poor of me)
because june is my birth month i also had received free a little thing in this month,

 so these all my haul in this month

Tony Moly Berry Magic Lip Tint 01
Tear Eye Liner Pearl

that's all.... i love them so much specially the body butter.. it's smell so good
now i wanna do some review for these product.. sooo cek it out girls -_^
love yaaaaa