Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dolly Giveaway by Teddy House Indonesia supported by Absconding Reality

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that Teddy House Indonesia  is running a giveaway  of five speciall goody bag for five winners hosted by Rhea. If you'd like to enter then please click here

don't forget to joined this Cute GIveaway girls as specially for you that huge fan of Teddy bear. I am sure you won't miss it girls!

vote for me in IBB MUC girls...

still remember this challenge girls???
and today before go to my clinic. i randomly checked my mail and there i looked one mail from IBB that described about five finalist about this challenge. i read my name there first time i think, i just invited to give my vote about five finalist. but when i read it carefully, i released that i become one of that finalistttt *woooooowwww....*panic*didn't believe* LOL* than i checked that ling given by author. and that's realllll i am one of that 5 finalist. *omigoddd*

this the evidence
i never expected to become the finalist *LOL*

this first makeup challenge from IBB i appreciated. and i become finalist that so WOW i am new comer, new challenger right?? *slpapped*

so girls, could you help voted for me??
vote for number #4!!!!
give your vote here

i really give thanks for you girls voted for this may god will blessed you girls...... *_^


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

flu edition!!!!

dropppp.. dropp... droppp..
that's what happened to me girls..
di awali dari papah yang kena flu gara2 keujanan sehari sebelumnya than nular ke aku, terus nular ke adekku, dan sekarng dua orang itu udah dengan sadisnya sembuh ninggalin aku sendirian yang masih sibuk dengan tisu2 #meler-meler edition...
so  this me girls, with that damn flu virus yang udah suksesss abis contaminated my immunity system...
tapi biar kata meler udah seember, puasa tetep jalan terusssss.. wkwkwkwkk kindda nekat girl!

and this how i look now,
red nose, un-well feel, dizzy, bunch of tissue,cough and cough over and over again... oh god please take this virus now.....

i think am already used 2 box tissue... *poor of me*
 cough uhukkk uhuuukkk....
 feeling unwell.. di bawa tidur g enak, bangun g enak tiduran g enak duduk g enak bediri g enak, serba salahhhhhh


i am skin care maniac!

yes! I am skin care maniac..
i have little bit dry-sensitive skin..
now this time i wanna show you my currently  facial foam...
here we go!!!
yes i use three facial foam, i am kinda person who give extra effort to my skin, because i think it's better to give extra time to do skin care routine to make my skin flawless than to cover my skin with makeup to look flawless. I  want my skin to still clean, smooth and flawless. 
so i use three different facial foam. i use two facial foam every washed my face, and different combination for each day. 
my current facial foam are:
hada labo shirojyun 
ponds white beauty sun dull removal
Happy essential foam vitamin C

if you want me to do review about these products 
please leave the comment below
i will feel glad to do this for you....

Friday, 19 July 2013

Review Etude house Dear Darling Nail Care Step 1

I bought this product so long time ago when etude throw an event at Surabaya. They had some discount to few product include nail product from Dear Darling series. i don't remember how exactly the normal price but when that event i can buy it just for 20K IDR or around $1.5. so i took 3 nail product that are nail care step 1 essence, step 2 cuticle softener and one nail polish (the one in baby pink color).
SO this time i want to share my opinion about nail care step 1 essence.
this product come with glass container and pink cap with really cute design (i think every etude product have cute packaging right?)

look at how pretty the design on cap and glass bottle

 and the applicator is like nail polish, flat small brush. this brush is super great! It's easy to apply the product smoothly with one stroke

This product come in oily form because it consist of Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E. So for all Muslim you can use this product even  not in your period. simply because it didn't cover your nail pore so, water can absorb well when you took a wudhu.

and this how this look when applied on my nail. it leave thin oil layer made my skin look glossy.

i use this in quite long time (about 5 month). i use it same way with nail polish. and i let it on my nail for awhile (around 30 minutes or more. I usually use it when i surfing the net or other activity which does not involve the nails constantly touched)
after 30 min used it it feel not oily as before but the glossy effect still appear nicely.

even after washed it with water the glow didn't disappear

look how bright ad whiter my nail now. i didn't had any pict of my nail before so i can't compare how it look.
but the result is not instantly notice able but i can say this product help my nail to be healthier
around a year ago i really like put some nail polish. but I didn't notice how quality of my nail polish. i just randomly bought the one that i think have great color. so as the result is my nail turn yellowish and weaker than before. i didn't release how bad my nails until i accidentally  let my nail grow longer until the top of my nail appear yellowish color. so back than i do some net search what is the reason make my nail be that color. and i found that bad quality nail product is the main reason made my nail like that. when i found it i stopped use all of my nail polish and let my nail rest. until i found this nail product my nail still had yellowish color even though not bad as when i first time stopped use nail polish. so i absolutely took some nail care from etude house. and after i use it constantly for about 5 month i release that my nail now have brighter and whiter color than before so my nail look healthier and feel stronger now. i simply may say i loveeeeeee this product. and when some body ask me did i want to repurchase this one? i absolutely say : YESSSSS!!!

make my nail whiter, brighter and stronger
can use when i am not in my period.( i still can sholat event it on my nail)
easily remove by water
cute packaging
moist my nail.
easy to use

didn't  have instant result, my result is appear around 3 month with constantly used.
glass bottle which can broke if i fall it out.

Repurchase: absolutely yessssss!!!!
and btw i just joined a really nice giveaway hosted by cup cakes, if you wanna join this giveaway you can see detail here


Monday, 15 July 2013

FOTD inspired by Ga In from Brown Eyed Girl "abracadabra"

few days ago i post my gyaru makeup in fD forum and sara uniie requested me to do makeup look inspired by Ga in from brown eyed girls.
honestly, i am not typical K-pop lover person althouh i like SNSD girl and know few their song, but seriously who is Ga In and what is Brown Eyed Girl. when first time i read that request i though that unnie want me to do makeup that suit to girl with brown eyes color. wkwkwk #sorry unnie. so i go to google to do some search and i type "Brown eyed girl" as a key word. and taraaa google show me a bunch pict and information about one girl band. and I  said "ow, it's name of girl band". *LOL*
so this how the look of Ga in from GED in there mv "abracadabra

see.. she has absolutely bold eyeliner be her main focus makeup. OMG unnie you want me to do that kind of bold liner, ok get ready to vomit unnie... *LOL* than i analyse her pict to detailed her look (analyse? i think it kind a world to do some science research  not makeup research) #slapped. i got that she wear soft smokey eyes with double winged liner on her up and lower lid. and i found it's kinda makeup suit monolid well. since i have almost monolid eyes, i didn't put any circle lens. so i can see how it's work with my reall eyeshape.

and than here we gooo...
get readyyyyy
Let's startttt

i did this look just for fun so i didn't wear any powder or foundation as my base it pure just eye and lip makeup
*always camwhore


so here the list product i used:
La tulipe eye base
UD naked pallate
mac fluidline blacktrack
mac creme d'nude

pardon my bad skin look girls
and hopefully you enjoyed my post girl 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

my gyaru makeup competition

constantly check the  IBB web just like  habit for me. and one day i look pict of beauty-cute blogger as blogger of the month guess who is she??? yaps she's syasa. in that article says that syasa is the huge fan of korean makeup style, sooo as korean makeup lover  i quickly visited her blog. and there's i found a attractive post talking about gyaru makeup competition
as you know girl my mom is japanese. and i remember she always ask me to go with some cute and pure makeup like gyaru style when i am in high school fest, but i never did it *LOL* i attended my school fest twice the first one i go with yurei look and the second time i go with ganguro makeup .... * i know i have weird taste, and i also didn't know why i did it!*
so i since i am 21 now, and i think i to old to do that fantasy makeup now, in this age i prefer go in natural makeup, and also the cute one to look younger than my actual age
Gyaru makeup is the cute look, event thought this look didn't look natural but all ist ok. i decided to do this look and joint the competition that hosted by pygmalionland
if you want to joint klik this image :

so i go to her post to look every term and condition about this competition and there i found that it gonna divided to several categories Dolly Sweet, Sweet Girly, Natural Girly, Feminin Style, Real Nude, Baby Cute, Vivid Pop dan Pure Little. 
honestly i decided which categories not before doing my makeup, but after that. *slapped* 

and starting with my look before doing any makeup, i know my forehead is really wide (event aniki said my forehead as wide as football field) but pardon it for this once time.

and the result issss...... *drumroll* taraaaaa!!!! my gyaru version

product i used: 
Revlon Photoready foundation #nude
maybelline clear smooth powder
elf HD blush headliner
la tulipe eye base
UD naked pallate
mac fluidline #blacktrack
etude house tear liner #pearl
etude white e/l
fake eyelash
mac creme d'nude
maybelline clear gloss

i know my fake eyelash is messy and the look is didn't like gyaru model but this the best i can do for this look *LOL*
i do some research and they said the gyaru point look is extra sophisticated fake eyelash and do for lower lashes too. 
so by looked my result look i match id with the all the theme. and i guess it's suit with the natural Girly look
 so i captured some pict with pose like the model and here's my result

and this the compered pict 
what do you think girl? is my look gyaru enough?? 
tell me what's your opinion about my look

anddd thanks for reading my post
love youuuuu girls 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Review vivelle Hello kitty uv body lotion

Morning girls!!
recently i am going out with my bf to one of the famous mall in surabaya, called Tunjungan Plaza. There is hello kitty live show. and FYI girls huge fan of this cute little cat, honestly i hate cat but i love hello kitty *don't know, never mind* so this kitty event supposed to be must attend event for me.
after watched live show i am going around the event area. and there's some display rack contain of every kitty thing start from helmet, power bank and of course bath stuff. 

i bought the kitty UV body lotion in "Keiko"
there's 3 variants of this lotion i don't exactly remember the variant name but i can say the color are black, purple-pink and yellow pack. Mine is the yellow one called Keiko. The BA said if i have dry skin the keiko one are gonna work to moist my skin. 
It's come with glossy yellow 100 ml tube. with really cute hello kitty design. As you can see the kitty holding watering can here. i thought it's may because it give moist effect *LOL* i got it for IDR 13K about $1 really cheap la for this 100ml product
it claimed to be uv lotion but when i ask the BA about it's spf score she don't know how much. but she said it's safe to use to the childern. if you have sensitive skin, it might not harm yours.
it's also contain of VCO and shea butter so it's gonna make your skin moist.

the lotion come with white colour and light texture. Smell like floral scent, seriously it's really sweet  and the good point is the scent really long last. it's event stay for up to 5 hour. 
it's absorbed very quick but i didn't feel any moist effect. but i love that's smell and it didn't fell sticky at all.

Long last scent
sweet-floral scent
UV filter
cute packaging

didn't fell moist

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review Elf HD blush headliner

few day's ago my bf said that i look really pale. and i think because my powder blush didn't stay on my cheeks for long time. so i decided to pick another kind of blush that more long lasting and look natural on my   skin
andddd finally i pick elf HD blush
it's come in five shade that call Showstopper( plum) , Encore (hot pink), Diva (brigt pink), Superstar (coral) and Headliner(nude pink). mine is the headliner one. i choose this color because i want the color same with my cheeks color when i am naturally blushing. and i think headliner suits perfectly. 

it's come with simple plastic tube that make us can show how it's color and how much the rest product, and black pump to dispense the product. 
honestly i had bad pump that make me hard to control amount of product i want. sometimes it's dispense to much product but in other time it's just pump really tiny amount of product.

 actually it's still to much to put on both of my cheeks

concentrated swatch. it's have subtle shimmer on it but not really notice able.  
 rub it gently until it's blend 

now time to look how it's work on my cheeks and lips
starting with my bare face. it's really hard for me to show how i look without any makeup. and did you see?? i event didn't wore any circle lens, so i can say that it's how i look like when i just woke up in the morning and just put some chopstick to tied my hair

 and it's how that little product work magically on my skin made me look more a wake and healthier. especially it give dewy finish.

one thing that i really love this product because it's  color perfectly like my natural blushing color. not to dark that usually make me look like a clown or to light tht make me still look pale. 
i also try how it look on my lips

i not recommend this product to use on the lips because it's really drying and make my lips breakout.. yaksssss...

but since it work nicely on my cheeks, that all lips problem are forgiven but not forgotten ya,.,

Long lasting
perfect color suit my skin
dewy finish

i must really careful and blend it if not, it will make me look like a clown
pump doesn't work well.
can't use on lips.

hopefully you'll like my review girlssss

Friday, 5 July 2013

IBB MUC alter ego

new month new makeup challange *yeyyyy* *handsclap*
anddd a new makeup challange are from indonesian beauty blogger
the theme for this muc is alter ego

alter ego is a second self or you can say it's another side of you that's might be different from side that everyone know..

so it's time to show you all different side of me

everyone known tha i'm just a nerd girl...
yah i'm the nerd who prefer to spend my whole weekend reading some book at the library than go hang out with other girl. library are my best place where ever and when ever. read are my absolutely hobby, it's might because my family who always give me a book in every birthday. event when i go home i like spend mostly my time in my room, reading some book or just do some internet-search than go out with my friend or my family.

here my nerd side

actualy this my everyday look just black eyeliner and nude-glossy lip.
but not many people know that i have flirty-glamor side..
this my flirty-glamor side



for this look i make my eyes more stand out with bold eye liner, sparkle e/s to add more glam to this look
i also weare more bold lip color and attractive eye lash to make me look flirty i think i can make guy to stick with me just by wink to him ^_*    *LOL*
so that's all my alter ego look, hope it can inspired you girls
anddd wish me luck

and for you  who want to join this muc you can submit your photo here