Thursday, 25 July 2013

vote for me in IBB MUC girls...

still remember this challenge girls???
and today before go to my clinic. i randomly checked my mail and there i looked one mail from IBB that described about five finalist about this challenge. i read my name there first time i think, i just invited to give my vote about five finalist. but when i read it carefully, i released that i become one of that finalistttt *woooooowwww....*panic*didn't believe* LOL* than i checked that ling given by author. and that's realllll i am one of that 5 finalist. *omigoddd*

this the evidence
i never expected to become the finalist *LOL*

this first makeup challenge from IBB i appreciated. and i become finalist that so WOW i am new comer, new challenger right?? *slpapped*

so girls, could you help voted for me??
vote for number #4!!!!
give your vote here

i really give thanks for you girls voted for this may god will blessed you girls...... *_^


1 comment:

  1. voted x) gud luuck yaa! yang chola ikut jugaaaa yaa...biar makin ramaaaai kaya di pantaiii~ ahahaha