Monday, 1 July 2013

my zombie version

yesterday finally i watched "warm bodies" this romantic movie tell  about love story about hot zombie boy who fall in love with human. but in this post i didn't want to review this movie. *sorry*

did you release that i said hot zombie boy before? yah honestly i think he's the hottest zombie boy i ever seen. *LOL*get slaped* this how he look.. take deep breath ladiesss ahahahha
 he's to hot to become a zombie right?? so inspired from his look i want to do zombie makeup look and  here's the result:

 how do i look? do i look zombie enough? maybe i am the only one chubby zombie
and this some my came whore , try really hard to pose like a zombie *LOL

 and the last is smiley zombieeee *LOL*

here the list product i use:
Revlon photoready #nude
maybeline powder i mix it with blue eyeshadow
grey matte eyeshadow to contour and make my face more blueish
UD naked (for eyes and lips)
(honestly i can't completely achieve that look because i didn't have any red e/s for my eyes *hiks*)
tony molly lip tint cherry pink
viva blue eyeliner (veins effect)


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