Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Review vivelle Hello kitty uv body lotion

Morning girls!!
recently i am going out with my bf to one of the famous mall in surabaya, called Tunjungan Plaza. There is hello kitty live show. and FYI girls huge fan of this cute little cat, honestly i hate cat but i love hello kitty *don't know, never mind* so this kitty event supposed to be must attend event for me.
after watched live show i am going around the event area. and there's some display rack contain of every kitty thing start from helmet, power bank and of course bath stuff. 

i bought the kitty UV body lotion in "Keiko"
there's 3 variants of this lotion i don't exactly remember the variant name but i can say the color are black, purple-pink and yellow pack. Mine is the yellow one called Keiko. The BA said if i have dry skin the keiko one are gonna work to moist my skin. 
It's come with glossy yellow 100 ml tube. with really cute hello kitty design. As you can see the kitty holding watering can here. i thought it's may because it give moist effect *LOL* i got it for IDR 13K about $1 really cheap la for this 100ml product
it claimed to be uv lotion but when i ask the BA about it's spf score she don't know how much. but she said it's safe to use to the childern. if you have sensitive skin, it might not harm yours.
it's also contain of VCO and shea butter so it's gonna make your skin moist.

the lotion come with white colour and light texture. Smell like floral scent, seriously it's really sweet  and the good point is the scent really long last. it's event stay for up to 5 hour. 
it's absorbed very quick but i didn't feel any moist effect. but i love that's smell and it didn't fell sticky at all.

Long last scent
sweet-floral scent
UV filter
cute packaging

didn't fell moist


  1. ah my fave body lotion from local brand :)

    1. me either sayangnya dy g kerasa moist yah,, cm wangi banget emang