Sunday, 30 June 2013

my hair care routine

as you can see here i had colored my hair twice, it cause damage my hair. so, now my hair feel really dry, and badly fall out and i think i must give little more effort to keep my hair healthy and moisture.

so this my hair care routine for my damage hair:
1. Shampoo

i wash my hair every 2 day.  I love to use  Tresseme's products for my daily care, they are always the best and moisture  my hair well. The Tresseme Deep Repair shampoo works like wonders, lathers a lot and leaves my hair feel moisture-smooth. Always wash your hair thoroughly with water to make sure any residue of shampoo is removed or it will damage your hair further.

2. Conditioner

I also have been using Tresseme Deep Repair conditioner for about last 4 months. i have repurchase it 4 times now, ok ok i know it sound crazy but i always use a lot of conditioner. simply because i want my hair  feel moisture. and surprisingly it works! *yippiee* Like I mentioned earlier that I had colored my hair twice so after 2 day if i too lazy to wash my hair. it's turn very dry, tousle and frizz. that's the reason why conditioner become my must wear item now. 
i also want to share my experience about conditioner girls,  when i use more conditioner and give more time to keep it on it make my hair more moisture. but it make me to work little hard to rinse all of it residue. and you must to make sure that your scalp really clean, so it didn't cause any dandruff.  I always keep my conditioner for more than 5 mins.

3. Tonic

after towel-dry my hair i always use hair tonic. since i have really bad hair fall i use tonic that supposed to hair loss problem, in this time i use Rudy H hair loss tonic, as far i haven't really see what result from this product but since it give cool effect when applied it's ok for me.

4. Vitamin
i use elips hair vitamin, i choose the pink one since it says for damage hair, this product have really nice smell and give healthy shine to my hair.

5. Hair mask

I picked this Biolage hair mask from Matrix. Smells so nice and fresh. And it really really condition my hair.

 Apply it all over your hair, including your scalp, and massage nicely. Use a hair cap for 45-60 minutes, then wash it off. I use it once a week. Because I have to tie my hair in my daily activity, my hair look a bit wavy (my hair was actually straight). This hair mask makes my hair a bit heavy so my hair becomes more straight and really smooth. it event make my hair like scene in commercial video when the model slowly release her hair it fall nice separately *LOL

6. Night essence

when i feel my hair really frizz and tousle (usually when my hair exposed of sun all day)  i use pantene night essence just before i go to sleep.  i applied 2-3 pump from middle to end of my hair. just leave it work when you're sleep. and in the morning you will had really smooth hair.

another hair product pict will uploaded soon yaaaa.... hehehehe

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

my hair journey

i was born with naturally super straight with black color hair.
when i was a child everyone always praised how smooth and straight my hair. honestly i am the only one inherited my mom hair, and i am so proud of it. my father have really curly hair, that's why my big brother and sister have curly hair too. the only one thing  i inherited from my father is his beautiful round-black eyes. ok now back to topic. since i was born until i am in the junior high school my hair style had been determined by my mom. i just know i fallowed her once every 2 month to hair saloon to tidy up my hair. that's the reason why i stayed have straight haircut with blunt bang.

when i am in the senior high school i started to change my hairstyle. i started pick which hairstyle i want. so this the beginning of my hair journey.

i had tried some different hairstyle. i had Dora's hairstyle

medium layered with side bang
long layered with side bang
and other hairstyle that i was forgot that i had tried that style *LOL
finally when I'm in third year collage (around 2011) i feel bored with my hair, i need something new, something that can make me look different, so i decided to color my hair.i go to hair saloon with my friend, and consulted with hairstylist which color suit me best. the hairstylist recommend me to pick brownish color because it's suit my asian face character, she also pick some hair color for me, from natural dark until bright color. since i have fair-yellow skin and i want to try something made me different so i choose the light one. i choose light brown color.

this how i was before colored my hair see i have straight-black hair.

 anddddddddd *drumroll* it's me with my brown hair

 see the bright hair color also brighten up my skin color. some of my friend told that i look like living doll with that hair color. i think i event look younger with that color.
but i didn't keep that bright color for long time, because i am to lazy to always re color my hair when the root grow  *slapped * and the other reason are my mom very angry when she know i colored my hair to light (my mom are huge fan of my black straight hair, maybe it's because she have brown hair) she event say that i look like bad girl and she also said she will bald me if i try to color my hair again :( i never see my mom that's scared before)
so before i have flag hair because it's have two different color and before i got stressed listen my mom always blame me when she see my hair i decide to recolor my hair (mid 2013). i choose to color my hair with blue black color.
anddd this how my hair now back to my natural color

so what do you think girl? which one look better for me? light hair or dark hair?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Review etude Bright Fit BB cream W13 + FOTD tangerine

im huge fan of BB cream just because it's didn't make my face look cakey, it didn't gave any trouble for my skin, and especially this wonderful thing usually have high spf which very important for people who live in tropic country like me... ( the weather are very hot here,hfthhh)

Bright Fit BB cream are my 4th BB cream now (i have etude sun BB cream, The face Shop Power perfection BB cream and BRTC whitening BB cream). i got this one around IDR 150.000 (more or less $15)

Product Description
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit W13 - promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contains adenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening efficacies. SPF for UV protection (box description).

Highlights of the new formula

  • Zero Oil
  • More pearl extract than the old formula for a brighter coverage
  • Improved texture and consistency for a soft, smooth and pearly skin
  • Balanced moisture 
  • brightening OK!
  • darkening Zero!
 There are 4 shades / variants available for this line.  I got mine in W13 Natural Beige which of course suit asian fair skin

  • N02 - Light Beige
  • W13 - Natural Beige
  • W24 - Honey Beige
  • W15 - Sand Beige
 mine are in W13 since my skin around nc15-20 i want to pick the one with yellow undertone and not to dark for my skin,
if you are around nc15 or lighter i recommend N02 since it very light and have more pinkish undertone
if you're like me have fair skin but in the strong yellow undertone go pick the W13
if you're around nc 25ish and also have yellow undertone go to w 24
and if you have slightly exotic skintone you can buy w15 this one is the darkest color from this bb cream series
and this's how it look on my hand. it come with very light yellow undertone. on the first time i was little afraid it's going to look too bright and unnatural on my face 

but when i rub it, it gone bland very well on my skin. can you look that line? right side are with bb cream cover my arm and left side my bare skin
coverage of this product are sheer to medium but have dewy with i really loveeeee

  • dewy finish
  • match my skin really well
  • look natural when worn 
  • didn't make any white cast 
  • spf30/PA++ and brightening 
  • love baby pink packaging
  • price >.<
this some my camwhore wearing this BB cream

product i use:

water fairy black lens
etude bright fit BBC w13
etude nymph aura volumer #3
Elf HD blush headliner
etude drawing line #grey
color coastal eye shadow
mac fluidline #blacktrack
etude tear line  #pearl
revlon satin smooth #innocence 

will be back soon girls, have a nice holiday

makeup challange

iseng-iseng nyoba ikutan makeup challangenya endi_feng so this's me in tangerine color

what do you think about tangerini color on me girls? do i look good in this color?

My sister School Fest Project

in the randomly day my sister  knock my room's door.
And You Know whattt??? she ask me to makeover her face to become a zombie.. wkwkwk
Honestly i got little shock that time, my sister who really dislike everything about makeup ask me to put the things she called "fake maker" on her face, and she also ask me to make her like a zombie  LOL!
But when i ask her about her reason she told me about her class project in school fest. Her class want to make Haunted House as there class performed. Oh I miss my high School Year... I miss School fest.. huaaa somebody bring me back to 2006 pleaseeeeeeee *then got slapped* hahaha

so when i think about zombie face i think about bruised eyes and corner lip, pale face, and bleeding lips.
so i combined purple-blue-dark brown color to make the bruised effect and use some liptint to make the blleeding lips
i had done the vampire look before, but this one are different because in vampire look (i post it here) i make the face look beautiful and deathly in the same time .In the zombie face it must be look very deathly, scary, and disgusting..

and the result is........ *drum roll!!!*
i turn this innocent face

to become this scary zombie face

is her face look enough scary girls?? let me know what's your zombie face think and what do you think about her look here....
Love yaaaaa  :*

Review: The Body Shop Body Butter

i love the body shop body butter. since i have very dry skin i always use body butter after i take a bath. specially when i go to country with really low humidity, like when i go to Saudi i had extremely dry skin. and this little thing called body butter save my skin wkwkwkwkwk

so in this post i want to review my new body butter
This one is strawberry scent, actually i got it free because i one of member of TBS LYB and this month is my birth month. hehehe i'm so lucky to have this free gift BIG thanks to The Body Shop

The Shea Body Butter is formulated for Very Dry Skin, making it really creamy and moisturizing. This  Body Butter absorbed rather quickly. My skin is left very moisturized, but not sticky or heavy. Even though this is formulated for very dry skin, I think that everyone could use this one.

 this texture and smell remind me of strawberry yoghurt. it have milky texture like yoghurt and strawberry smell. But the moisture feeling not stay longer than 30 min, and i must to reapply it again, specially on my palm, because my palm are driest part of my body. Maybe next time i must have hand cream to moisture my palm..

moisture my very dry skin quickly
love the pink yoghurt colour
strawberry smells really good

the smell disappear quickly
moist feeling not stay longer than 30 min.

Have you tried the Body Butters? Which scents do you recommend? Let me know it ^_^

My June Haul

hai girls!!
after having really hectic month with full of collage thing now i'm backkkkkkkkk!! and now i have a bunch thing to share with you girlsss hahahaha

so it's have been june, and you know what?? June is my month yeyyyyyyy
For the first posting in my month
i wanna post my mini haul. i called it mini because i don't haul many thing (actually i never haul more than 5 thing in a month, wkwkwk poor of me)
because june is my birth month i also had received free a little thing in this month,

 so these all my haul in this month

Tony Moly Berry Magic Lip Tint 01
Tear Eye Liner Pearl

that's all.... i love them so much specially the body butter.. it's smell so good
now i wanna do some review for these product.. sooo cek it out girls -_^
love yaaaaa