Saturday, 22 June 2013

Review: The Body Shop Body Butter

i love the body shop body butter. since i have very dry skin i always use body butter after i take a bath. specially when i go to country with really low humidity, like when i go to Saudi i had extremely dry skin. and this little thing called body butter save my skin wkwkwkwkwk

so in this post i want to review my new body butter
This one is strawberry scent, actually i got it free because i one of member of TBS LYB and this month is my birth month. hehehe i'm so lucky to have this free gift BIG thanks to The Body Shop

The Shea Body Butter is formulated for Very Dry Skin, making it really creamy and moisturizing. This  Body Butter absorbed rather quickly. My skin is left very moisturized, but not sticky or heavy. Even though this is formulated for very dry skin, I think that everyone could use this one.

 this texture and smell remind me of strawberry yoghurt. it have milky texture like yoghurt and strawberry smell. But the moisture feeling not stay longer than 30 min, and i must to reapply it again, specially on my palm, because my palm are driest part of my body. Maybe next time i must have hand cream to moisture my palm..

moisture my very dry skin quickly
love the pink yoghurt colour
strawberry smells really good

the smell disappear quickly
moist feeling not stay longer than 30 min.

Have you tried the Body Butters? Which scents do you recommend? Let me know it ^_^

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