Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Renesmee inspired look

I am huge fan of Twilight series especially the last one that called breaking dawn part 2. I already so curious how renesmee will look since i finished read breaking dawn book when i am in high school year. Renesmee is figured as little girl who has beautiful brown eyes with curly bronze hair and pale skin. Renesmee has vampire blood that's so she has perfect flawless skin with rosy cheeks because she still has blood flowing her veins and her heart beating.
About weeks ago i saw ce sasya and other beauty blogger make collaboration look inspired by twilight series (you can look they awesome collaboration work here). when i saw it i think i want to do that too... i feel like i am fake fan if i didn't try to make at least one of twilight makeup look #Hyperbolicme #slapped 
so i think which character i will try to do. anddd because of all of twilight character have narrow  and kinda serious-mature face. i choose renesmee because i really know that i have kiddo face and chubby cheeks, and renesmee is the only one character that have chubby cheeks and kiddo face (she actually still kid). sooooooo here i try to make tutorial how i try to look just a little bit like renesmee.. 
don't blame me because i have really high self confidence to make my self look like her #LOL

here all product i used

than after do my makeup i also curl my hair than wear warm coat and scarf. Imagine how it feel wear thick coat with scarf in surabaya weather that have really high temperature now.. #LOL #crazzy mehhhh

and here the final result after i edited to change back ground and all thing to make my pict look like real twilight character.Please don't compare me with real renesmee. Common girl,she already born with beauty face... #poorme #getslapped
in the first pict i edited my lip color to make my lips like renesmee 

the last but not leasttttt.......some extra cam whore!!!! #LOL #peace

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Review Loral Lucent Magnique N2

hellow girlssss...
today i wanna review my new HG foundation, actually i am not typical foundie girl i prefer to use BB Cream, but when i see this product can give me dewy finish i think i want to try it.
this foundation come in black-gold box with shade described on top of it.

this product claimed to give radiant finish, oil-free, moist skin, and the most important thing is it have SPF 24 PA+++
the packaging come with glass  bottle with golden pump to dispense it product.

this foundation come in
3 alphabet code, that describe each undertone
R: pink undertone
G: yellow undertone
N: neutral
and in Indonesia it's have 6 shade available
R2: The only one pink undertone and the lightest one
N2: the lightest neutral shade i think it suit for nc20-25
N5: slightly darker than the N2 suit nc25-30
N7: the most natural colour i think will suit most of indonesian skin color
G4: N5 version with Yellow undertone
G7: this for youuu girlss who have really Strong yellow undertone skin. OMG the colour are really beauty

mine is N2 Pure Porcelain it's not to pink not to yellow which i think suit my skin best

this how it look on back of my hand
it's have watery texture compared all of foundation i ever try this most liquid of all.
and it have sheer coverage so for all of you girl who want medium-heavy coverage it's not for you. i didn't have any pimple (thanks god to give me really unproblematic skin) but i sometime especially after going out under sun my skin start appear redness. but it's ok, it can cover my redness really well

i had been use it for about a month and i love it!. because it have really lightweight feel. so i can use it for my daily activity

after apply on my face dry skin, it made me tooo dewy (my face look oily). especially if i apply my sun block before oh gross my skin will look wet all day long. But after wait for about 10 min (without sun block) it absorbed and leave the dewy complexion, so for  you girls who have oily skin you must prepare some paper face or powder to blot this oil.
it stay on my face about 5 hour after that my redness start to peek through.
i applied this with my ELf strippling brush. so this the result

Friday, 16 August 2013

Pink and Undiceded Giveaway

Giveaway again?? Iam kindda crazy with this all giveaway things now *LOL*
in this post i wanna share you about giveaway hosted by pink and Undiceded 
you know the new brand called collection?
yaps that's new brand not launch inindonesia yet?
but if you really want to try their product, this giveaway are here for you babeeee... :*
yups the winer will receive Collection Pressed Powder in 15 Warm Bronze  or ollection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder in 3 Dark

yups that's will be 2 winer so why just try it, who know you will become one of that luckiest girl ;)

Tutorial: Pure Girly Girl

makeup for me is like an accessories. i didn't use it to cover my imperfection but i use it to enhance my best feature, so like if you have really beautiful eyes why you become so busy to cover your nose? right.

thanks god he gives me round eyes even thought i am monolid my eyes not small like most of monolid girl. my round eyes made me look like a 15 years old girl when i actually 21. maybe because round eyes girl look like little girl who have pure eyesight and clear soul (even actually i am not really a nice girl *evil Grin*)
so here's my first tutorial (finally i can make one) in this tutorial i want to make my face as pure as little girl. excuse it's too simple and unclear tutorial girls i am just an amateur in makeup world. soo let'ssssssss startttttttt
Take any your favourite foundation or BB cream. remember little girl skin is really prefect it really smooth and flawless, any of you look little girl have any pimple? so make sure your skin really smooth and flawless. if you have any pimple go cover it with your fav concealer.And the second point to have little girl skin is to use any foundation with dewy finish every little girl like play that's make their skin look glowing beacuse she's sweat after play around, of course the cakey foundation are a BIG NO.  soo Here i used my Loreal Lucent Magique foundation in N2 and because my skin in really good condition now, i didn't need to do any conceal. 

Than Set everything with powder use brush to do it, you don't need your face look matte you need your face look dewy so don't over do it. ^_*

moving to cheeks. every child have really cute natural blushing cheeks so take your most fav blush here i used my HG blush ever ELF HD blush in healiner because it's give me healthy complexion with natural colour just like i am blushing naturally. 

first apply some nude colour shimmering eyeshadow here i used UD naked pallete. it can make your eyes look batter. Nude colour didn't add any colour of your eyes, child didn't use makeup so take the most natural colour you have

apply white eyeliner on your under waterline here i used Etude white eyeliner than to brighter my eyes i apply some shimmer on my lower lid i used Etude Tear Drop Liner in Pearl the last step is mascara to lenghten my eyelash i used maybelline hyper curl mascara. try to not clump your eyelash for me i comb my eyelash after it's dry so it can separately nicely. since i have chubby cheeks and i want to look cute i applied it on my apple with circle shape. if you didn't know how it does. just make you hand like "okay" shapped than place that circle part on your apple. so there you need to apply blush than bland it so it will look natural

this step optional for me i prefer to make my eyebrow color more bright than my hair color. in this case i used etude house color my brow 02 and you have thick eyebrow like mine you don't need any eyebrow pencil just take brow cara to change your brow color and to make it stay in place all day. 

try to make gradient lips. it's will make you look cute and natural 
first i applied some foundation on outer line of my lips. it can make my lips look not to sharp which i want to make cute look not the sexy one. than i applied lip tint on centre of my lips than blend it outwards try to make it more bold on inner part and softer on outer. than to make my lips didn't look disappear i applied some gloss to make my lips look moist well.

thannnn finally the result is *drumroll* Taraaaaaaaaa time for came whoring girlss *slapped*
for the final touch to make me more girlish i used really cute big ribbon on my hair

 soooo wht do you think about my tutorial girls??
i really eant to do a lot tutorial but i didn't have any confidance. i need you girls could you drop some comments to critique or give some advice for me, so next time i can make a lot better tutorial.

thanks for read my post girl 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

giveaway by misaraisu

more giveawayyyy girlllsss
who doesn't love free things right?
*evil grin*
now i want to try my luck in misaraisu giveaway. fyi she's the cutest gyaru who i really love, all about her, especially  her makeup and hair style
she throw 2 awesome giveaway
the first one are abu clothing giveaway second is skin care and makeup
the winer for first giveaway will recieve surprise clothing goodie bag
and the winner for secong  giveaway will recieve
all of this stuff
you are interested to join her giveaway?
easy girl
just click here to enter her first giveaway and here for secong giveaway than just follow all the instruction there
hope you luck girlssss

Sincerely blog dolly giveaway

HI girls want tp look more dollish? go enter this cute giveaway by sincerely dolly there's a lot of dollish product as a gift
Revlon ColorStay Crayon Eyeliner
Romantic Compact Mirror
Emoda Pouch
ELF Sea Escape Eye Shadow Palette
EYEMAZING Eyelashes Harajuku Doll Series in Neko Eye
It will end on August 21st and the winner has 1 day to respond to my email since I need to ship it out before I leave for Japan. This giveaway is open to international readers as well so please feel free to join in! you can click the picture below to join this awesome giveaway ^^

 hope you luck girlssss 

Friday, 9 August 2013

sexy curl (no heat)

hi girls...
happy eid mubarok
in this post i wanna share you about result of curling my hair with paper. yups paper girls...
i saw this way randomly from youtube when i am in my night-visite schedule, there's one of my beauty guru Michelle Phan share about how we can curl our hair without heat it. i had really weak hair so, i don't want to harm it. i didn't say i never use any hair tools to styling my hair, but i try to minimize any styling whom will harm my hair.
so can achieve this hair

so i am really excited to do this paper curl. this paper curl can do with really simple and homey product and easy way. first you will need
1. wash your hair and toweled dry it. remember to let your hair not to wet but not to dry either. because if it too wet the water consistent on your hair gonna soak to the paper, and your paper will useless. but if it too dry it wont be curl.
2. grab your paper that not gonna used. i just grabbed my aniki wrong-printed paper that not gonna use.than cut your paper to the 16 pieces  in the same size than fold each pieces.

3. take one pieces folded paper than place little bit section of your hair on it. Fold the paper so it gonna make V shapped. Fold that lower part diagonal than roll your hair up until which part you want the curl began.than tied it. so your hair gonna look like this
4. Repeat it until all of your hair already rolled.

5. This time you can just wait your hair air-dried or if you in hurry you can blow dry it with coll air until it dry or just go sleep like me. :P

6. after you wake up untied your hair. anddd tarraaaaa... your hair gonna curl like this. to hold the curl little longer you can spray your hair with hair dryer our just applied it with hair wax so here we go... curly sexy hair without any heating

in my case i didn't applied any product on it so my curl just stayed about 20 hour than it go straight again :( Fyi i have very straight and no power hair.

so this how it look after 7 hour it look little loose but a lot prettier right?

after 10 hour this my absolutely fav hair form not to lose not to straight not to curl everything just be perfect.

 you must try it girl so can get that pretty curl without using any heat
keep healthy keep beauty rite??

hope you enjoy my post...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Vaselin Insta Fair Review

hellow ladiessss
It's time to holiday!!!! wooooo hoooo
i am finally got my holiday time.. after so long time wait and being envious to so many people who had been holiday from about a week ago. Finally it's time for me to got my holiday time! i really excited when my lecturer said that i didn't had any patient visited schedule for next 6 days... finally girlsss.... finally i can shout out "I AM FREE!!!"

So along this holiday i planed to give more attention to my lovely blog which being ignored during my crapped busy patent time back then.

For this post i am gonna share my review about one of fav lotion that made a lot of woman crazy about it... *LOL*
yups as you can see on the title it's Vaselin insta fair.
this product had been advertised for about 2 month ago and just released about several week ago oh mennn vaselin you make me so curioussss *inhale exhale inhale exhale*
i even checked lotion section every time i go to mall or supermarket. i really excited to try it >.<. finally 1 weak ago when i accompanied my mom do some groceries. i found it *IYAAAYYYYY* i directly grab one and put it on my trolley. *LOL* i got it for about idr 15K (about USD 1,2 )

why this product being so attractive??
that's because it's claimed will increased your skin tone become 4 level brighter than before start from 1st application, it caused this product contain of micro reflector that can made your skin appear brighter. As a normal asian girls i so fall in love with this product. who doesn't love to had fair skin right? andd as extra point it's also can become sunscreen. Since i am one of sun protection product maniac. this point got really important for me.

now time to swatch....
this product come in creamy-liquids form with really cute baby pink color but it's ok, when it's blend nicely the pink color didn't appear. it's also had really good scent which i really love, sure it's smells really good.
after blend 

so let's cek the fairness power of this product
honestly when i first apply it. i didn't see any different color of my hand, not fairness or brighter than before. i already thought oh MY it didn't work!>.< so i go doin' some search from several beauty blog who had reviewed about this lotion and i got that maybe it's gonna show the power under sun shine. so i try it once more and taken some pict under sun shine anddddddd guesss what?????? it's work!! event it didn't brighter my skin 4 times like it's climed, but it really brighten up my skin i think around 1-2 level than before
my right arm applied insta fair lotion and my left arm just bared
with flash

since it's work magically i do tell my imouto to try it. she have so bad discoloration on her arm skin, and it once more show the powerrr . it made her skin tone really nice and brighten up her skin 4 levels just like this product claimed. WOW
right arm with lotion and left arm without.
with flash
brighten up my skin tone
give different effect on different skin tone ( i am around nc 20 my imout around nc 30ish)
has spf!

didn't moist my skin
thx for visited and read my post dear....
love yaaa

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint 01 Strawberry

in some random day i go to the mall with my best friend. We walked to the cosmetic area one of department store. There we noticed cute little thing in round jar, displayed at tony moly counter. so we directly go to the counter and swatch all interest thing there. so finally we picked same product but in different shade. yup that's product is tony moly magic tint. This product actually have 3 shade called strawberry, apple, and grape. each shade come in gel form with different color but when swatch on skin it's change to the pinkish color in not big different for each shade.
Since it color change depend on time, so after swatch it we take a time to walking around the mall to look how it's final color before decided witch shade. After take a walk around 20 min. we looked the color, actually it didn't had huge differences, all of them turn to pinks-red glossy color. Finally i decided to take the strawberry shade since it come really nice peachy-pink color on my skin, and my friend take the red apple one since it had more pink color witch suit her skin very well. I got it quite cheap, just for 50K IDR for each jar. (about $3.9 USD)

 so this how it look.
it come in clear plastic jar with black sleek cap with "TONY MOLY" printed on top.

 At the back it states the variant 01 ClearA natural tinted balm, Vitamin E provide moist

As i mentioned before the product come in gel form with clear color and strawberry scent.  

when swatch on back of my hand it didn't directly turn to pinkish color. I must wait a couple min to le the color changed. When it changed it become pinkish color. 
and this how it look on my lips. look more pinkish than on back of my hand, right?
it have double function as tint and moist my lips. and the staying power.. hmmm i quite confused why the staying power on my lips different than my friend. on my lips it didn't stay longer after i eat or drink the color just go away but on my friend's it stayed really long event she had eat twice the color stay appear nicely. why??? why??? why???

double function
nice strawberry scent 

the color on my lips are too pink. i think it's to dark on my skin.>.<
staying power not very impressive. i prefer the liquid tint one than this product

Repurchase : I think no....... since it's look weird on my lips. :(