Friday, 16 August 2013

Tutorial: Pure Girly Girl

makeup for me is like an accessories. i didn't use it to cover my imperfection but i use it to enhance my best feature, so like if you have really beautiful eyes why you become so busy to cover your nose? right.

thanks god he gives me round eyes even thought i am monolid my eyes not small like most of monolid girl. my round eyes made me look like a 15 years old girl when i actually 21. maybe because round eyes girl look like little girl who have pure eyesight and clear soul (even actually i am not really a nice girl *evil Grin*)
so here's my first tutorial (finally i can make one) in this tutorial i want to make my face as pure as little girl. excuse it's too simple and unclear tutorial girls i am just an amateur in makeup world. soo let'ssssssss startttttttt
Take any your favourite foundation or BB cream. remember little girl skin is really prefect it really smooth and flawless, any of you look little girl have any pimple? so make sure your skin really smooth and flawless. if you have any pimple go cover it with your fav concealer.And the second point to have little girl skin is to use any foundation with dewy finish every little girl like play that's make their skin look glowing beacuse she's sweat after play around, of course the cakey foundation are a BIG NO.  soo Here i used my Loreal Lucent Magique foundation in N2 and because my skin in really good condition now, i didn't need to do any conceal. 

Than Set everything with powder use brush to do it, you don't need your face look matte you need your face look dewy so don't over do it. ^_*

moving to cheeks. every child have really cute natural blushing cheeks so take your most fav blush here i used my HG blush ever ELF HD blush in healiner because it's give me healthy complexion with natural colour just like i am blushing naturally. 

first apply some nude colour shimmering eyeshadow here i used UD naked pallete. it can make your eyes look batter. Nude colour didn't add any colour of your eyes, child didn't use makeup so take the most natural colour you have

apply white eyeliner on your under waterline here i used Etude white eyeliner than to brighter my eyes i apply some shimmer on my lower lid i used Etude Tear Drop Liner in Pearl the last step is mascara to lenghten my eyelash i used maybelline hyper curl mascara. try to not clump your eyelash for me i comb my eyelash after it's dry so it can separately nicely. since i have chubby cheeks and i want to look cute i applied it on my apple with circle shape. if you didn't know how it does. just make you hand like "okay" shapped than place that circle part on your apple. so there you need to apply blush than bland it so it will look natural

this step optional for me i prefer to make my eyebrow color more bright than my hair color. in this case i used etude house color my brow 02 and you have thick eyebrow like mine you don't need any eyebrow pencil just take brow cara to change your brow color and to make it stay in place all day. 

try to make gradient lips. it's will make you look cute and natural 
first i applied some foundation on outer line of my lips. it can make my lips look not to sharp which i want to make cute look not the sexy one. than i applied lip tint on centre of my lips than blend it outwards try to make it more bold on inner part and softer on outer. than to make my lips didn't look disappear i applied some gloss to make my lips look moist well.

thannnn finally the result is *drumroll* Taraaaaaaaaa time for came whoring girlss *slapped*
for the final touch to make me more girlish i used really cute big ribbon on my hair

 soooo wht do you think about my tutorial girls??
i really eant to do a lot tutorial but i didn't have any confidance. i need you girls could you drop some comments to critique or give some advice for me, so next time i can make a lot better tutorial.

thanks for read my post girl 

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