Sunday, 30 June 2013

my hair care routine

as you can see here i had colored my hair twice, it cause damage my hair. so, now my hair feel really dry, and badly fall out and i think i must give little more effort to keep my hair healthy and moisture.

so this my hair care routine for my damage hair:
1. Shampoo

i wash my hair every 2 day.  I love to use  Tresseme's products for my daily care, they are always the best and moisture  my hair well. The Tresseme Deep Repair shampoo works like wonders, lathers a lot and leaves my hair feel moisture-smooth. Always wash your hair thoroughly with water to make sure any residue of shampoo is removed or it will damage your hair further.

2. Conditioner

I also have been using Tresseme Deep Repair conditioner for about last 4 months. i have repurchase it 4 times now, ok ok i know it sound crazy but i always use a lot of conditioner. simply because i want my hair  feel moisture. and surprisingly it works! *yippiee* Like I mentioned earlier that I had colored my hair twice so after 2 day if i too lazy to wash my hair. it's turn very dry, tousle and frizz. that's the reason why conditioner become my must wear item now. 
i also want to share my experience about conditioner girls,  when i use more conditioner and give more time to keep it on it make my hair more moisture. but it make me to work little hard to rinse all of it residue. and you must to make sure that your scalp really clean, so it didn't cause any dandruff.  I always keep my conditioner for more than 5 mins.

3. Tonic

after towel-dry my hair i always use hair tonic. since i have really bad hair fall i use tonic that supposed to hair loss problem, in this time i use Rudy H hair loss tonic, as far i haven't really see what result from this product but since it give cool effect when applied it's ok for me.

4. Vitamin
i use elips hair vitamin, i choose the pink one since it says for damage hair, this product have really nice smell and give healthy shine to my hair.

5. Hair mask

I picked this Biolage hair mask from Matrix. Smells so nice and fresh. And it really really condition my hair.

 Apply it all over your hair, including your scalp, and massage nicely. Use a hair cap for 45-60 minutes, then wash it off. I use it once a week. Because I have to tie my hair in my daily activity, my hair look a bit wavy (my hair was actually straight). This hair mask makes my hair a bit heavy so my hair becomes more straight and really smooth. it event make my hair like scene in commercial video when the model slowly release her hair it fall nice separately *LOL

6. Night essence

when i feel my hair really frizz and tousle (usually when my hair exposed of sun all day)  i use pantene night essence just before i go to sleep.  i applied 2-3 pump from middle to end of my hair. just leave it work when you're sleep. and in the morning you will had really smooth hair.

another hair product pict will uploaded soon yaaaa.... hehehehe

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