Friday, 9 August 2013

sexy curl (no heat)

hi girls...
happy eid mubarok
in this post i wanna share you about result of curling my hair with paper. yups paper girls...
i saw this way randomly from youtube when i am in my night-visite schedule, there's one of my beauty guru Michelle Phan share about how we can curl our hair without heat it. i had really weak hair so, i don't want to harm it. i didn't say i never use any hair tools to styling my hair, but i try to minimize any styling whom will harm my hair.
so can achieve this hair

so i am really excited to do this paper curl. this paper curl can do with really simple and homey product and easy way. first you will need
1. wash your hair and toweled dry it. remember to let your hair not to wet but not to dry either. because if it too wet the water consistent on your hair gonna soak to the paper, and your paper will useless. but if it too dry it wont be curl.
2. grab your paper that not gonna used. i just grabbed my aniki wrong-printed paper that not gonna use.than cut your paper to the 16 pieces  in the same size than fold each pieces.

3. take one pieces folded paper than place little bit section of your hair on it. Fold the paper so it gonna make V shapped. Fold that lower part diagonal than roll your hair up until which part you want the curl began.than tied it. so your hair gonna look like this
4. Repeat it until all of your hair already rolled.

5. This time you can just wait your hair air-dried or if you in hurry you can blow dry it with coll air until it dry or just go sleep like me. :P

6. after you wake up untied your hair. anddd tarraaaaa... your hair gonna curl like this. to hold the curl little longer you can spray your hair with hair dryer our just applied it with hair wax so here we go... curly sexy hair without any heating

in my case i didn't applied any product on it so my curl just stayed about 20 hour than it go straight again :( Fyi i have very straight and no power hair.

so this how it look after 7 hour it look little loose but a lot prettier right?

after 10 hour this my absolutely fav hair form not to lose not to straight not to curl everything just be perfect.

 you must try it girl so can get that pretty curl without using any heat
keep healthy keep beauty rite??

hope you enjoy my post...

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