Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint 01 Strawberry

in some random day i go to the mall with my best friend. We walked to the cosmetic area one of department store. There we noticed cute little thing in round jar, displayed at tony moly counter. so we directly go to the counter and swatch all interest thing there. so finally we picked same product but in different shade. yup that's product is tony moly magic tint. This product actually have 3 shade called strawberry, apple, and grape. each shade come in gel form with different color but when swatch on skin it's change to the pinkish color in not big different for each shade.
Since it color change depend on time, so after swatch it we take a time to walking around the mall to look how it's final color before decided witch shade. After take a walk around 20 min. we looked the color, actually it didn't had huge differences, all of them turn to pinks-red glossy color. Finally i decided to take the strawberry shade since it come really nice peachy-pink color on my skin, and my friend take the red apple one since it had more pink color witch suit her skin very well. I got it quite cheap, just for 50K IDR for each jar. (about $3.9 USD)

 so this how it look.
it come in clear plastic jar with black sleek cap with "TONY MOLY" printed on top.

 At the back it states the variant 01 ClearA natural tinted balm, Vitamin E provide moist

As i mentioned before the product come in gel form with clear color and strawberry scent.  

when swatch on back of my hand it didn't directly turn to pinkish color. I must wait a couple min to le the color changed. When it changed it become pinkish color. 
and this how it look on my lips. look more pinkish than on back of my hand, right?
it have double function as tint and moist my lips. and the staying power.. hmmm i quite confused why the staying power on my lips different than my friend. on my lips it didn't stay longer after i eat or drink the color just go away but on my friend's it stayed really long event she had eat twice the color stay appear nicely. why??? why??? why???

double function
nice strawberry scent 

the color on my lips are too pink. i think it's to dark on my skin.>.<
staying power not very impressive. i prefer the liquid tint one than this product

Repurchase : I think no....... since it's look weird on my lips. :( 


  1. i personally think the colour look nice on you. :) http://azwaa.blogspot.com

    1. thankies dear, but i didn't know why the color become darker on outer part of my lips, is it because i didn't apply lipbalm before?