Thursday, 1 August 2013

Etude Happy Essential foam Vitamin C

i have been used this cleansing foam for 2 weeks now.
as usually this etude product come with cute packaging, and this one in yellow tube
actually this etude series had 5 different series, which have different color and different effect.

Happy Essential foam collagen (pink) for firm and smooth skin 
Happy Essential foam Hyaluronic acid (blue) for dry skin
Happy Essential foam Vitamin C (yellow) brighten skin
Happy Essential foam Hazel (brown) Pore Astringent and 10% Sebum absorption
Happy Essential foam Clay (white) for oily skin

Product description;
Formulated with 40% moisturizers, this creamy cleansing form gently remove impurities with rich leather, while vitamin C promotes brightening. Skin feeling happy again, feeling clean smooth and soft.

this how the cap look when opened. the whole make me can control the product amount.

as described before it come in creamy foam with white color and lemon scent. i really love the scent it fresh and i think it make my spirit recharge. *LOL* that's why i use this in morning.
and now time to try it!!
first i will try on my hand i already applied eyeliner, mascara, glitter liner, lip color, cream blush on and powder eye shadow.

and after i rub it with water taraaaaa
all that product just go away. and see how clean my skin now??

and now time for try it on my face.
this how my face when i am woke up
and this how my skin look after washed with etude happy essential foam vitamin C
actually i didn't feel it make my skin brighter but it really make my skin feel supple, fresher and reduce my skin redness.

lemon scent
creamy foam, so easier to use and blend.
reduce my redness

didn't make my skin brighter 

thanks for reading girls
love yaaa..

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