Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Vaselin Insta Fair Review

hellow ladiessss
It's time to holiday!!!! wooooo hoooo
i am finally got my holiday time.. after so long time wait and being envious to so many people who had been holiday from about a week ago. Finally it's time for me to got my holiday time! i really excited when my lecturer said that i didn't had any patient visited schedule for next 6 days... finally girlsss.... finally i can shout out "I AM FREE!!!"

So along this holiday i planed to give more attention to my lovely blog which being ignored during my crapped busy patent time back then.

For this post i am gonna share my review about one of fav lotion that made a lot of woman crazy about it... *LOL*
yups as you can see on the title it's Vaselin insta fair.
this product had been advertised for about 2 month ago and just released about several week ago oh mennn vaselin you make me so curioussss *inhale exhale inhale exhale*
i even checked lotion section every time i go to mall or supermarket. i really excited to try it >.<. finally 1 weak ago when i accompanied my mom do some groceries. i found it *IYAAAYYYYY* i directly grab one and put it on my trolley. *LOL* i got it for about idr 15K (about USD 1,2 )

why this product being so attractive??
that's because it's claimed will increased your skin tone become 4 level brighter than before start from 1st application, it caused this product contain of micro reflector that can made your skin appear brighter. As a normal asian girls i so fall in love with this product. who doesn't love to had fair skin right? andd as extra point it's also can become sunscreen. Since i am one of sun protection product maniac. this point got really important for me.

now time to swatch....
this product come in creamy-liquids form with really cute baby pink color but it's ok, when it's blend nicely the pink color didn't appear. it's also had really good scent which i really love, sure it's smells really good.
after blend 

so let's cek the fairness power of this product
honestly when i first apply it. i didn't see any different color of my hand, not fairness or brighter than before. i already thought oh MY it didn't work!>.< so i go doin' some search from several beauty blog who had reviewed about this lotion and i got that maybe it's gonna show the power under sun shine. so i try it once more and taken some pict under sun shine anddddddd guesss what?????? it's work!! event it didn't brighter my skin 4 times like it's climed, but it really brighten up my skin i think around 1-2 level than before
my right arm applied insta fair lotion and my left arm just bared
with flash

since it's work magically i do tell my imouto to try it. she have so bad discoloration on her arm skin, and it once more show the powerrr . it made her skin tone really nice and brighten up her skin 4 levels just like this product claimed. WOW
right arm with lotion and left arm without.
with flash
brighten up my skin tone
give different effect on different skin tone ( i am around nc 20 my imout around nc 30ish)
has spf!

didn't moist my skin
thx for visited and read my post dear....
love yaaa


  1. Kaya nya ini wahib dicoba deh..
    Sama yang serum enak yang mana? Sudah pernah coba?

    Salam kenal ya :)
    Come and visit my blog..

    Can we follow each orther?

    1. hmmm belum nyoba yang serum c dr kmaren nyari adanya yang gede2 trus sizenyaaa kan sayang klo g cocok udah beli banyak2 heheheh
      already follow yours dear