Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review Elf HD blush headliner

few day's ago my bf said that i look really pale. and i think because my powder blush didn't stay on my cheeks for long time. so i decided to pick another kind of blush that more long lasting and look natural on my   skin
andddd finally i pick elf HD blush
it's come in five shade that call Showstopper( plum) , Encore (hot pink), Diva (brigt pink), Superstar (coral) and Headliner(nude pink). mine is the headliner one. i choose this color because i want the color same with my cheeks color when i am naturally blushing. and i think headliner suits perfectly. 

it's come with simple plastic tube that make us can show how it's color and how much the rest product, and black pump to dispense the product. 
honestly i had bad pump that make me hard to control amount of product i want. sometimes it's dispense to much product but in other time it's just pump really tiny amount of product.

 actually it's still to much to put on both of my cheeks

concentrated swatch. it's have subtle shimmer on it but not really notice able.  
 rub it gently until it's blend 

now time to look how it's work on my cheeks and lips
starting with my bare face. it's really hard for me to show how i look without any makeup. and did you see?? i event didn't wore any circle lens, so i can say that it's how i look like when i just woke up in the morning and just put some chopstick to tied my hair

 and it's how that little product work magically on my skin made me look more a wake and healthier. especially it give dewy finish.

one thing that i really love this product because it's  color perfectly like my natural blushing color. not to dark that usually make me look like a clown or to light tht make me still look pale. 
i also try how it look on my lips

i not recommend this product to use on the lips because it's really drying and make my lips breakout.. yaksssss...

but since it work nicely on my cheeks, that all lips problem are forgiven but not forgotten ya,.,

Long lasting
perfect color suit my skin
dewy finish

i must really careful and blend it if not, it will make me look like a clown
pump doesn't work well.
can't use on lips.

hopefully you'll like my review girlssss


  1. waaah cakep warnanyaaaa dear, natural banget... semu2 pink gitu.. belii dimanaa inii?

    1. iya emang warnanya bikin keliatan blushing naturally aku beli d lapak sara say http://www.femaledaily.com/showthread.php?t=8962 tapi kayaknya di monpore http://www.femaledaily.com/showthread.php?t=4384 lagi diskon 50% d... cek it out darl

  2. These elf blushes look REALLY nice, all the shades are beautiful!~

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    1. i love all the shades too.. i plan to take superstar.. already follow yours dear...

  3. the color looks good on you! <3

    1. it's make me look blushing naturally right? *LOL*

  4. aaaaw tergoda deh dek, elf ini emang oke yah produknya dan mursidah nya itu loh yang bikin suka

    1. banget apalagi blushnya bikin nagihhh wkwkwkwk