Friday, 19 July 2013

Review Etude house Dear Darling Nail Care Step 1

I bought this product so long time ago when etude throw an event at Surabaya. They had some discount to few product include nail product from Dear Darling series. i don't remember how exactly the normal price but when that event i can buy it just for 20K IDR or around $1.5. so i took 3 nail product that are nail care step 1 essence, step 2 cuticle softener and one nail polish (the one in baby pink color).
SO this time i want to share my opinion about nail care step 1 essence.
this product come with glass container and pink cap with really cute design (i think every etude product have cute packaging right?)

look at how pretty the design on cap and glass bottle

 and the applicator is like nail polish, flat small brush. this brush is super great! It's easy to apply the product smoothly with one stroke

This product come in oily form because it consist of Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E. So for all Muslim you can use this product even  not in your period. simply because it didn't cover your nail pore so, water can absorb well when you took a wudhu.

and this how this look when applied on my nail. it leave thin oil layer made my skin look glossy.

i use this in quite long time (about 5 month). i use it same way with nail polish. and i let it on my nail for awhile (around 30 minutes or more. I usually use it when i surfing the net or other activity which does not involve the nails constantly touched)
after 30 min used it it feel not oily as before but the glossy effect still appear nicely.

even after washed it with water the glow didn't disappear

look how bright ad whiter my nail now. i didn't had any pict of my nail before so i can't compare how it look.
but the result is not instantly notice able but i can say this product help my nail to be healthier
around a year ago i really like put some nail polish. but I didn't notice how quality of my nail polish. i just randomly bought the one that i think have great color. so as the result is my nail turn yellowish and weaker than before. i didn't release how bad my nails until i accidentally  let my nail grow longer until the top of my nail appear yellowish color. so back than i do some net search what is the reason make my nail be that color. and i found that bad quality nail product is the main reason made my nail like that. when i found it i stopped use all of my nail polish and let my nail rest. until i found this nail product my nail still had yellowish color even though not bad as when i first time stopped use nail polish. so i absolutely took some nail care from etude house. and after i use it constantly for about 5 month i release that my nail now have brighter and whiter color than before so my nail look healthier and feel stronger now. i simply may say i loveeeeeee this product. and when some body ask me did i want to repurchase this one? i absolutely say : YESSSSS!!!

make my nail whiter, brighter and stronger
can use when i am not in my period.( i still can sholat event it on my nail)
easily remove by water
cute packaging
moist my nail.
easy to use

didn't  have instant result, my result is appear around 3 month with constantly used.
glass bottle which can broke if i fall it out.

Repurchase: absolutely yessssss!!!!
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