Sunday, 14 July 2013

my gyaru makeup competition

constantly check the  IBB web just like  habit for me. and one day i look pict of beauty-cute blogger as blogger of the month guess who is she??? yaps she's syasa. in that article says that syasa is the huge fan of korean makeup style, sooo as korean makeup lover  i quickly visited her blog. and there's i found a attractive post talking about gyaru makeup competition
as you know girl my mom is japanese. and i remember she always ask me to go with some cute and pure makeup like gyaru style when i am in high school fest, but i never did it *LOL* i attended my school fest twice the first one i go with yurei look and the second time i go with ganguro makeup .... * i know i have weird taste, and i also didn't know why i did it!*
so i since i am 21 now, and i think i to old to do that fantasy makeup now, in this age i prefer go in natural makeup, and also the cute one to look younger than my actual age
Gyaru makeup is the cute look, event thought this look didn't look natural but all ist ok. i decided to do this look and joint the competition that hosted by pygmalionland
if you want to joint klik this image :

so i go to her post to look every term and condition about this competition and there i found that it gonna divided to several categories Dolly Sweet, Sweet Girly, Natural Girly, Feminin Style, Real Nude, Baby Cute, Vivid Pop dan Pure Little. 
honestly i decided which categories not before doing my makeup, but after that. *slapped* 

and starting with my look before doing any makeup, i know my forehead is really wide (event aniki said my forehead as wide as football field) but pardon it for this once time.

and the result issss...... *drumroll* taraaaaa!!!! my gyaru version

product i used: 
Revlon Photoready foundation #nude
maybelline clear smooth powder
elf HD blush headliner
la tulipe eye base
UD naked pallate
mac fluidline #blacktrack
etude house tear liner #pearl
etude white e/l
fake eyelash
mac creme d'nude
maybelline clear gloss

i know my fake eyelash is messy and the look is didn't like gyaru model but this the best i can do for this look *LOL*
i do some research and they said the gyaru point look is extra sophisticated fake eyelash and do for lower lashes too. 
so by looked my result look i match id with the all the theme. and i guess it's suit with the natural Girly look
 so i captured some pict with pose like the model and here's my result

and this the compered pict 
what do you think girl? is my look gyaru enough?? 
tell me what's your opinion about my look

anddd thanks for reading my post
love youuuuu girls 


  1. aaah foto yg terakhirr...miyiiiiip!!!! good luck ya sayang <3

    1. aduh jadi tersanjung dibilang mirip tu efek makeup doank padahal aslinya mah jauuuhhhhh wkwkwkwk

  2. cool... klo aku malah g bisa bikin yg gyaru2 gtu

    i'm already follow di...
    hope you can follow me back

    1. aku masih amatiran banget padahal wkwkwk but thanks

      already follow yours darl

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  4. pantesan pernah lihat rupanya ikutan Gyaru gyaru juga yah, ahahahhaa,
    Yang terakhir Poseny amirip rip . . .
    Lam kenal yak, thank udah main :)

    by: buleipotan.blogspot.com

    1. hehehe iya,,,
      makasih dear
      thanks for visited my blogg ^_^