Tuesday, 23 July 2013

i am skin care maniac!

yes! I am skin care maniac..
i have little bit dry-sensitive skin..
now this time i wanna show you my currently  facial foam...
here we go!!!
yes i use three facial foam, i am kinda person who give extra effort to my skin, because i think it's better to give extra time to do skin care routine to make my skin flawless than to cover my skin with makeup to look flawless. I  want my skin to still clean, smooth and flawless. 
so i use three different facial foam. i use two facial foam every washed my face, and different combination for each day. 
my current facial foam are:
hada labo shirojyun 
ponds white beauty sun dull removal
Happy essential foam vitamin C

if you want me to do review about these products 
please leave the comment below
i will feel glad to do this for you....

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