Monday, 15 July 2013

FOTD inspired by Ga In from Brown Eyed Girl "abracadabra"

few days ago i post my gyaru makeup in fD forum and sara uniie requested me to do makeup look inspired by Ga in from brown eyed girls.
honestly, i am not typical K-pop lover person althouh i like SNSD girl and know few their song, but seriously who is Ga In and what is Brown Eyed Girl. when first time i read that request i though that unnie want me to do makeup that suit to girl with brown eyes color. wkwkwk #sorry unnie. so i go to google to do some search and i type "Brown eyed girl" as a key word. and taraaa google show me a bunch pict and information about one girl band. and I  said "ow, it's name of girl band". *LOL*
so this how the look of Ga in from GED in there mv "abracadabra

see.. she has absolutely bold eyeliner be her main focus makeup. OMG unnie you want me to do that kind of bold liner, ok get ready to vomit unnie... *LOL* than i analyse her pict to detailed her look (analyse? i think it kind a world to do some science research  not makeup research) #slapped. i got that she wear soft smokey eyes with double winged liner on her up and lower lid. and i found it's kinda makeup suit monolid well. since i have almost monolid eyes, i didn't put any circle lens. so i can see how it's work with my reall eyeshape.

and than here we gooo...
get readyyyyy
Let's startttt

i did this look just for fun so i didn't wear any powder or foundation as my base it pure just eye and lip makeup
*always camwhore


so here the list product i used:
La tulipe eye base
UD naked pallate
mac fluidline blacktrack
mac creme d'nude

pardon my bad skin look girls
and hopefully you enjoyed my post girl 


  1. ih mataaanya kereeen din!! perfect.

    1. thx sha.. honestly eke masih amatiran masalah bold liner gini

    2. rapih kok ujungnya, perfect liner kalo aku bilaaang..poninya bikin imut yaak ^^

    3. begini deh yaa nasib jidat selebar lapangan bola, jadi g pernah bisa lepas dari poniiii wkwkwkwk biar kata d suruh dandan sangar juga poni tetep ON wkwkwkwk

    4. gapapa Ga In juga disitu pake poni... hehehe..

    5. iyappp poni sudah jadi identitas bangettt for me, untungnya ga in juga ponian disituuu... hehehe

  2. loveeeee it dedeeeek, you did it and very very pretty. aku sukaa bold liner, in ga in banget tapi tetep ada versi kamunya , jadi inspired by Ga in but still in your version. nah lo bingung kan, hihi. eniweii baru tau aku, kamu sblmnya ga tau brown eyed girls dan ga tau siapa itu Ga In. hihihi thanks udah dibikin rikuesannya yah cinta. cocok banget koq buat pretty monolid kayak kamu. setuju ama sha, perfect liner ini mah.

    ada sha jugaak disiniii *dadah-dadah

    1. wkwkwk iya kak aku g tau klo BEG itu nama girl band and Ga in tu nama org *slapped*
      maksih kakkkkkkkkk *kecups*

  3. Riasan mata nya mirip..
    Hebat iiiihk ^^