Friday, 5 July 2013

IBB MUC alter ego

new month new makeup challange *yeyyyy* *handsclap*
anddd a new makeup challange are from indonesian beauty blogger
the theme for this muc is alter ego

alter ego is a second self or you can say it's another side of you that's might be different from side that everyone know..

so it's time to show you all different side of me

everyone known tha i'm just a nerd girl...
yah i'm the nerd who prefer to spend my whole weekend reading some book at the library than go hang out with other girl. library are my best place where ever and when ever. read are my absolutely hobby, it's might because my family who always give me a book in every birthday. event when i go home i like spend mostly my time in my room, reading some book or just do some internet-search than go out with my friend or my family.

here my nerd side

actualy this my everyday look just black eyeliner and nude-glossy lip.
but not many people know that i have flirty-glamor side..
this my flirty-glamor side



for this look i make my eyes more stand out with bold eye liner, sparkle e/s to add more glam to this look
i also weare more bold lip color and attractive eye lash to make me look flirty i think i can make guy to stick with me just by wink to him ^_*    *LOL*
so that's all my alter ego look, hope it can inspired you girls
anddd wish me luck

and for you  who want to join this muc you can submit your photo here